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Having your (wedding) cake and eating it! - What happens at your wedding cake consultation

Consultations are a great opportunity to discuss ideas, flavours and designs for your dream wedding cake in person!

I offer this service to everyone who confirms a booking with me. If you haven't confirmed a booking I charge a small fee of £20 which is then taken off your final invoice if you go ahead and order your cake with me.

During the consultation we can discuss your overall wedding theme, colour scheme and design which will allow me to sketch an initial design. We can also discuss flavours for the cake and icing and I'll have a few different samples for you to try.

Some people bring along their wedding invites, photos of the venue or other pictures which help me get an idea of how the cake will fit in to the special day!

If you would like to book a consultation, please contact me!

Hayley x

coming soon

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